The first thing a woman in a relationship with a lone wolf notices about him is that he doesn’t have any men friends. That’s the definition of a lone wolf. Even worse though, is if his friends are all women.

Lone wolves have trust issues with men that prevent them from making friends, the kind a man can call when his life falls apart. A man, who offloads his issues onto women, does so because he feels safer with them. That shouldn’t be misconstrued by any woman as a caring, loving relationship. Just because a lone wolf feels safer with women doesn’t mean he has the capacity to do the work required to be in a relationship with them. Lone wolves aren’t ever really in relationships, they just visit them occasionally.

How do I know so much about lone wolves? I was a loner until I was forty, when I took what was a gigantic leap of faith and began making men friends.

Men are complicated, but not so complicated that certain aspects of their behavior shouldn’t be obvious to women. If a woman wants to take the entire responsibility for a man’s social life and for every social activity in their relationship, then a lone wolf is a perfect choice. Remember, he’s a loner because he’s unwilling and/or incapable of assuming any social responsibility.

When women ask how to find a good guy, I tell them the first question for a prospective date is, «Do you have any men friends»? It sounds simple because it is. There’s nothing complicated about whether or not a man can relate to other men. A no answer means you’re it, as they say in tag. You just signed up to take on all his needs.

I was a bad boy and a lone wolf, and the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. I rode motorcycles, was an entrepreneur who didn’t play by anyone’s rules, and didn’t have much to offer women beyond my free spirit attitude. I never game women much, emotionally. It felt strange how easy it was to attract women, albeit, the wrong women.

Generally, the women who were attracted to me were loners too, and all that accomplished was to show me, up close and personal, who I was. Someone once told me that no one changes his or her behavior until the pain get so bad that change is the only way out of pain.

My last relationship before I decided to change was so painful I had no choice but to change. It was entirely devoid of emotion and relied on sex alone. After a few months, it felt horrible and all I wanted was for a woman to hold me and love me. Of course I didn’t realize I was going to be expected to do the same for a woman. I learned how to be in a relationship with a woman from other men who had once been in my situation. I did the work in a men’s group, which is the perfect remedy for lone wolves.

A lone wolf has to figure out how he’s going to end his isolation before including a woman in his life. That’s hard work. Until he does that work, a woman would be wise to avoid him.

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